25 Super Quick Tips for First Day of School Pics

It’s back to school. You don’t have time for long, clever intros (maybe next time). Pro photographer Krystal Hawkins let me pick her brain for 25 super quick tips to jumpstart your child’s first day of school pictures.

The Big Picture

1. The following ideas will help you capture the whole day. Then you can create a first day story book with photos, construction paper and other craft supplies. Online photo services like Snapfish let you create unique, professional-grade books and keepsakes.

Plan Ahead

2. Think about the shots you want to take at least a day before. What background? Who is in the picture?

3. Tidy up shooting areas in advance (i.e. no dirty socks slithering out of the couch).

4. Give yourself an extra half hour. Prepare as much as possible the night before. Wake kids up early. Keep breakfast simple to avoid eating into your shooting time.

Vary the clothing. Include photos of your kids wearing:

5. Pajamas. Messy hair and all.

6. Uniforms.

After school:

7. Street clothes.

8. Clothing for extracurricular activities (i.e. dance, soccer, television viewing).

Capture various locations:

9. In bed.

10. At the breakfast table.

11. Getting on the school bus (or seated at their workstation for the homeschoolers).

12. Heading into school and/or class.

13. The dinner table at the end of the day.

Remember to include candid shots like:

14. Brushing teeth.

15. Feeding the dog.

16. Packing lunch.

17. Walking out the front door.

School supplies take a beating over the course of a school year. Take pictures of these items to preserve their pre-school glory:

18. Backpack.

19. Lunch bag.

20. Shoes.

21. Eye glasses.

22. Boxes of tissue. Sidebar: we never used all that tissue when I was in school. But they were never returned home. Conspiracy!

Other Considerations:

23. Remember to take the classic in-front-of-the-house picture.

24. You should be in photos with your children. Use your camera’s timer feature or ask someone to take a few shots for you.

25. Relax. You’ve taken some wonderful pictures of your child and managed to make it through the first day. Well done.

What are your tips for first day photos? What’s your favorite pic of your kids? Are you too a victim of the tissue box conspiracy?


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