Confession: I Don’t Dream About My Daughter’s Wedding Day

The Magic Room: A Story About the Love We Wish for Our Daughters tops my reading list for the fall.

Despite my interest in the bridal stories of other mothers and daughters, I don’t fantasize about my daughter’s wedding day. In fact, I can only think of one discussion I’ve had on the topic.

It was the week after our wedding. My husband suggested that I get my wedding dress professionally preserved for our daughter to come. I explained that if she were anything like me, she would want her own dress.

There are certainly aspects of my daughter’s future that I think about. I wonder:

  • How tall will she be?
  • If she’ll be a good singer (unlike her parents)?
  • Will she play an instrument?
  • How many languages will she learn?
  • Will she be a doctor, lawyer, actress, or gymnast?

Maybe I’m the odd duck. I didn’t give much thought to my own wedding until a few months before the engagement. It’s funny how we can sniff out those proposals way ahead of time.

My daughter is only a toddler. Does a mother’s wedding dream start in the teen years or later?

Even though I have no interest in the ceremony, I regularly think about the person she’ll marry. I pray that she will find someone:

  • Who will love her for who she is and not what she could be.
  • Who is strong enough to be gentle and gentle enough to be strong.
  • Who makes her laugh just as much as she does right now.

To my readers: Do you think about your child’s wedding day? Any interesting marriage proposals out there? What did you do with your wedding dress?

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Confession: I Don’t Dream About My Daughter’s Wedding Day — 17 Comments

  1. I don’t fantasize about my daughter’s wedding, nor did I fantasize about my own. I just want her to grow up happy and well-adjusted. From engagement to wedding was five weeks. The only thing I had thought about was what I looked like. I don’t dress up often for now-hubby, but I wanted to look great that day. My only requirement was to keep it inexpensive. My wedding dress is in the closet. I don’t really know what to do with it. I was married six years ago, I guess I should do something with it.
    April recently posted..Motivational Monday with Chalene JohnsonMy Profile

  2. I never thought of my daughters Wedding when she was here but since I lost her when she was 16 I do think about it now and all the things she was not able to do. I even have my Wedding Dress and nothing to do with it.
    Glenda Cates recently posted..DeborahMy Profile

    • Thank you Glenda. I’m sorry to hear about your daughter (and hope I haven’t been insensitive). You inspired me to finally sit down and check out some options for my dress.

      I came across a few charities that accept gowns to help those in need. looks promising.

  3. I honestly have no clue where my wedding dress is being stored. I think it may be at my sister’s house, but I’m not sure. I really didn’t care too much about my own wedding, it did not define my life or the kind of person I am. I did not dream about my own wedding when I was a child, my mother didn’t put much effort into pushing marriage on any of her children. She focused on college.

    For me, the most important days of my life were the three days my children were born. Talk about impact! My world changed each of those days, and I felt a love I never knew existed.

    I want my children to be happy–period. I don’t care who they marry (man, woman, turtle!) but I do hope the person they choose, loves them as I do.
    Jennifer recently posted..Every mother can identify with this.My Profile

  4. My daughter just turned one yesterday and the thought of her wedding day has never crossed my mind (but I am still pretty new into this mommy of a girl thing…LOL)

    I came across my wedding dress recently and made it a goal of mine to fit into it by my 10th anniversary (4 years to go!) for a rededication ceremony my husband and I have agreed to have. Due to military commitments, we had a very quick ceremony and reception and the first years of our marriage were interesting to say the least.

    If my daughter’s like me, she’ll want her own dress but who knows she may decide to wear mine or incorporate it into her big day somehow – so I’ll keep it preserved and cleaned just in case.
    Michelle recently posted..International Day of the GirlMy Profile

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