Coupon Book Giveaway and Mother’s Day Retrospective

Thanks to Sourcebooks, one lucky reader will win a copy of Gregory Lang’s Why a Daughter Needs a Mom coupon book. More on that later.

Well we all survived Mother’s Day. Survived might seem an inappropriate way to refer to the one day set aside to celebrate moms. After polling dozens of women, survived might be putting it lightly. When I asked if they had special plans, I got the same handful of answers.

1. I’m sure my family has something planned. I hope we don’t end up in some crowded restaurant.

2. I told my kids not to do anything. There’s nothing I want.

3. If I could just have a few hours to myself that would be the best gift in the world.

My response was closer to number two. My daughter is 17 months old; a little too young to go shopping or manage a card made of macaroni and glitter.

I asked my husband (again) not to do anything for me. He didn’t listen last year because someone convinced him that when a woman says she doesn’t want a Mother’s Day gift it’s the same as when she says she doesn’t want anything for Valentine’s Day. She is lying through her teeth.

This year my husband gave me not a card, not a flower, not a dinner. Save for a kiss on the cheek, he gave me nothing for Mother’s Day, and I was good with that. Come Father’s Day, I’ll do the same. Hey, he ain’t my daddy.

When I followed up with my friends to find out how their day went, their responses were lackluster at best and downright annoyed at worst. There were already wilting flowers, chocolates that were going to wreck their diet, brunches that were too crowded to be enjoyed, and unappealing jewelry that they felt obligated to wear.

These are not a bunch of negative, snarky women. They are regular and normal, with generally positive perspectives on life.

So why are so many women so blasé about Mother’s Day? Perhaps it is the commercialism and hustle and bustle of the day. Did you know that Mother’s Day founder Ana Jarvis was so disgusted by the commercialism of Mother’s Day that she spent the rest of her life trying to end the observance?

Maybe some moms lack excitement for Mother’s Day because they wish their families would show smaller doses of appreciation on a regular basis rather than one big blowout a year.

I suspect that many moms are just elbow deep in the job that is being a parent. Pausing for recognition seems like a distraction from the task at hand. I’d be curious to hear your take on it.

As promised, I will be giving away a copy of Gregory Lang’s Why a Daughter Needs a Mom coupon book. This is the gift you wish your daughter gave you for Mother’s Day; and that your mother wished you had given her. The book includes 22 ways to show mom just how much you care, such as making dinner, a tea party for two, and a day of laughter.

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Are you fond of Mother’s Day? Do you find that other moms in your circle are positive or negative about it? Do you exchange gifts with your spouse for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day?

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Coupon Book Giveaway and Mother’s Day Retrospective — 11 Comments

  1. I’m sort of on the fence about Mother’s Day. Someone once told my stepmom that Mother’s Day is for the grandparents, and it seems to be true for our family at least. Just once I’d like a Mother’s Day when it’s actually about me getting to spend time with my kids and husband, but I don’t see that happening. We managed to only go to 1 family event – my husband will not give up going to see his mom on Mother’s Day. And yet, he wants to stay home on Father’s Day! So aggravating. No gifts here, but my son did draw a card for me which was super cute and unexpected. 

    •  @way2gomom
      Thank you Joanna. I like the sentimental part of Mother’s Day and celebrating the great moms in my life. On the downside, the day can get real hectic real fast.
      An unexpected card from your son sounds like the perfect gift. So sweet.

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  3. Am I fond of Mother’s Day?
    Well, I’m not a mom yet, and my own mom is one of my best friends, so mother’s day is just a day to focus even MORE on her and do what she wants, so yes, I like it.
    Other moms in my circle tend to like it because my friends have kids that are younger, so it’s still new and exciting for them, I think.
    No spouse for me, but my own parents don’t really do anything for each other on mother and father’s day. All their kids are old enough to do it on their own though.
    lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

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