Mother Goose and Middle Age (how old is old?)

I hope the folks who say that public libraries will soon be extinct are wrong. I couldn’t do my book spree—a mad dash through the library, picking up as many books as I want. Since the money isn’t coming out of my pocket, at least not at checkout, I don’t have to be picky.

On a recent spree, I picked up Mother Goose Takes a Gander at Middle Age–A Treasury of Baby Boomer Nursery Rhymes by Sydney Altman. The book includes classics like:

  • Have You Seen the Lipo Man?
  • Jack Tried to Be Nimble
  • Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Estrogen Gone?
  • Tinkle, Tinkle in a Jar

At one point, I had to pause and figure out the textbook definition of middle age. Some sources said middle age starts in your mid-30s, others between 45 and 65. It gets more complicated when you look at different countries and cultures.

In my world, 40 really is the new 30, 50 is the new 40, and so on. People are looking good and feeling good provided they don’t ingest too much television news.

I guess I’m just trying to figure out who Mother Goose “gandered” in order to create these rhymes. I don’t know these people.

I realize this is a lighthearted book. It takes a certain sense of humor to appreciate a rhyme like “Your Breast and Butt are Falling Down” (to the tune of, you guessed it, “London Bridge is Falling Down”).

Many of the nursery rhyme titles were funny and the illustrations were great. The rhymes themselves were not so humorous, but of course this comedy thing is so subjective.

This is the kind of novelty book I use to give out as birthday gifts. These days I am more judicious, even with my gag gifts.

To my readers: Do your kids think you’re old? What does middle age mean to you? When is the last time you went to the public library (are they really going to die)?

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Mother Goose and Middle Age (how old is old?) — 16 Comments

  1. I go to the public library all of the time. I own a Kindle Fire, but we usually use it more for games or for my adult books. The kids still have storybooks (old school) read to them nightly, which is good since they say electronic screens make you more wired before bed anyways. The kids go to the library with their little library cards and check out books all of the time. I can’t foresee libraries going away, especially here since they do so many events for the community and children. We do the Summer Reading Program every year then all year long they have weekly storybook time for the preschoolers and babies! I don’t know what I feel old is anymore, my great gram is 93 and I Have a hard time saying she is even old to me .. for she is still young looking but starting to have old age set in, so maybe 85 is old to me 😉
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  2. This is actually a great topic because while I am 34, I don’t FEEL old, yet people tell me that I should. I am not done living life, I am only 34!! Yet family members and friends think I need to slow down and stop doing things that they consider for young people. I reallly think that as a society, we need to stop making such a big deal about age!

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