New House Rule: No Internet on Sundays

Have you tried no-net Sundays?

The Internet is one fabulous tool or one dreadful weapon depending on how you look at it; and whose hands it’s fallen into. I would like to think that I have always used the web for good. I’ve sent warm, encouraging emails to friends. Found new ways to promote my small business. Posted adorable pictures of my daughter, and otherwise been a good online citizen. This Sunday none of that will matter.

Thanks to a tip from, I will be plugging out on Sundays. No emails, no social networking, no surfing of any kind. I won’t even be checking my bank balance. That includes any apps on my smartphone.

Just for good measure, I’ll also limit my television viewing. Going cold turkey with a no-net, no-tube Sunday might be too ambitious. I am not allowed to watch the news. No world news and no local news. I don’t even want to know if the neighbors got a citation for garbage on their lawn. Any TV time must be agreed upon by the whole family, which means I can expect some Sesame Street and NBA Playoffs.

Why the Sunday plug out? To start, this will give my eyes and brain a nice rest. More important, I will concentrate all my energy and time on the projects and people around my house. I have an office that needs tidying. My daughter wouldn’t mind some more hide-and-seek. Actually she always hides in the same place, next to the bed. I can see her in the mirror, smiling and leaning around the corner to see if I am looking for her. When she notices my reflection she laughs and rolls on the floor.

And my husband certainly will appreciate a dead screen on my laptop.

So this Sunday my family is going to really do life together. My office will be pristine. And my eyes and brain will be thankful come Monday morning.

Do you have an official plug out day? Share your good and bad online habits.

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New House Rule: No Internet on Sundays — 4 Comments

  1. We don’t officially do no internet on Sundays, but have often thought of trying that. I am, though, trying a no internet from 4-7:30 (when my kids go to bed). I am not always successful, but trying. :)  We don’t have a tv right now so that solves that problem! Great challenge!

    •  @johannahanson
      Thanks Johanna. The first Sunday might be a little rough, but I imagine I will be in a routine within a month (fingers crossed). No net 4-7:30 sounds like a good plan. Keep it up.

  2. GREAT idea. Add to that list, “No organized sports” later on.
    Saving Sundays will open up time for walks in the woods, playing kickball, making cookies from scratch. So many families complain about being rushed and having no time. Screen time gobbles time.

    • Thanks Susan. Just finished your book, Raising Able. It gave me all sorts of great ideas.
      No organized sports? Now you’ve gone and given me another interesing blog post. Thanks.  

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