One Mom, Three Boys, Lots of Laughs

The popularity of reality television reveals a lot about the human condition. For one thing it speaks directly to our curiosity about how other people live. I am most interested in the lives of other women, in particular other moms. This is true of my pal Amy Shepardson. No, she is not a real housewife of any place, and while she certainly could have been the star of Texas Multi Mamas, you have probably never heard of her.

Amy went from no babies to three babies in one fell swoop. As the mom to triplet, three-year old boys, I find her beyond fascinating.

This is the start of a feature I like to call Moms in Real Life. There are no cameras, makeup, or posh restaurants. Here I will pose a question to a fellow ordinary but extraordinary mom, and let the chips fall where they may (then we’ll have to clean up said chips because there is no off camera staff around to handle that).

So Shep, do you think it’s easier raising boys than girls?

From what I have heard, everyone says that little boys are much easier than little girls. I do not have any proof as I only have little boys, but I’m still trying to figure out why boys are allegedly easier.

The little girls I know are cute; they wear cute clothes, and don’t like to get dirty. My little boys are dirty, even after a shower it takes them about two seconds to get dirty again (I only give them showers because the bath would get too nasty to have them sitting in it for any period of time because they are so freakin’ dirty).

Little girls sit when they pee, in the potty, in the bathroom. My guys try to pee standing up into a toilet that they can’t even reach. That’s only when I can get them inside to do their business. Otherwise, it is on the fence on the side of the house, in any random bush. The other day someone, who will remain nameless and blameless, had to relieve himself in the construction lane of the highway, in bumper-to bumper traffic, in the rain no less.

My boys hate wearing clothes, hate their clothes matching, love to play in the mud, love to make a mud like substances out of anything, like water and goldfish, or water and chalk, and love worms and bugs of any size, actually, the bigger the better, love rocks and sticks.

They have a talent for turning every toy into a weapon which they proceed to beat the crap out of each other with.

I love my boys and wouldn’t have my life any other way. I’m just thinking, if boys are the easier of the sexes, my friends with little girls must be secretly pulling their hair out.

 Amy Shepardson is a stay-at-home mom, laundry expert, short order cook, mediator, drill sergeant, teacher, therapist, driver, accountant, and whatever else her family needs her to be.

Do you think boys are easier to raise than girls? Or vice versa? What hilarious things are your kids up to lately?


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One Mom, Three Boys, Lots of Laughs — 4 Comments

  1. I have to say they both have pros and “cons”.  I have two boys.  They never sit still. They are always into something.  But I LOVE the way they love their mama!  they look out for me.  (even the little one who is 18 months).  They protect me and treat me like a queen. They aren’t very high maintenance materialistically but they are high maintenance on my patience.  My daughter is calm and loves to sit and read and write and do quiet things.  I LOVE to spend girl time with her sipping tea and starbucks and doing each others nails.  But she is moody and high maintenance materialistically. 
    All in all they balance each other out.  And honestly they balance ME out!

  2. This is funny because people always tell me that girls are SO much easier than boys and I always wonder if thats true…I suspect that they are very similar. My girls are always getting dirty and I can never seem to get them to keep their cloths on. My 2 year old has a stick collection right now that’s driving me crazy and then other won’t stop jumping off things and getting hurt. 
    I think it comes down to the kids and their parents…not necessarily gender!

    •  @MagenHolgate
      Thanks Magen.  It sounds like you have a couple of rough and tumble girls like my daughter. She hates bows and we can’t get her to keep her shoes on.  

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