Pop Quiz: Could you parent a superstar?

Another stranger insists your child belongs in magazines and film. Before you sell everything and head to Hollywood, take a moment to do a personal inventory.

Check out this quiz by Sibylla Nash, author of Baby Modeling & Beyond: From the Stroller to the Red Carpet.

Circle the answer that’s closest to your reaction.

1.) You get a message from your agent about a same day go-see. You:

a. Juggle some things around and head out to the go-see.

b. Ignore the message. You’ve already taken off once that week for a go-see that went horrible and your baby cried the whole time.

c. Complain to your agent that you need advanced notice.

2.) Your baby booked a print job with a call time at 7:30 a.m. and it’s pouring rain outside. You:

a. Bundle your baby up and head out.

b. Hate to wake your sleeping baby to bring him/her out in the rain so you decide not to go.

c. Wait for it to finish raining and then head out.

3.) Your baby has gone out on ten go-sees and hasn’t booked one single job. You:

a. Keep trying.

b. Tell your agent not to send you on any more go-sees because the casting people are all blind.

c. Start pestering your agent about why your child isn’t working, and start looking for another agent.

4.) Your baby booked a print job and she’s cranky from teething. She won’t stop crying on a shoot so they release her without taking any pictures. You:

a. Go home and look forward to the next time.

b. Argue with the wrangler or photographer to just wait another hour, you know she’ll pep up.

c. Call your agent from the elevator and complain about your child being released.

5.) Your child booked a job to shoot the cover for a national parenting magazine. When the cover comes out, you realize your child’s picture was not chosen. You:

a. Shrug it off and look forward to the next chance.

b. Tell all of your family and friends to boycott the magazine because the art director must be blind.

c. Call up your agent and complain.

6.) When traveling with your baby you’re:

a. Usually on time.

b. Chronically late because you always leave the pacifier or diapers or something in the house and have to run back inside.

c. Thinking they should be happy that you get there at all, it’s a pain traveling with all of this stuff for the kid.

7.) When an ad with your child appears, you:

a. Share it with friends and family.

b. Share it with anyone who has a pulse.

c. Complain to your agent that it should have been a bigger or better picture of your baby.

8.) You hear about a go-see for a job that your agent didn’t send you out on. You:

a. Don’t do anything. There must have been a reason why your agent didn’t tell you.

b. Go anyway, what can it hurt?

c. Decide to switch agents; you want someone who will give your baby the attention she deserves.

If you circled mostly “a’s,” you have the right attitude and disposition to pursue this career for your child. If you circled mostly “b’s” and “c’s,” you may want to think twice about this endeavor and invest in Xanax, you’ll need it going forward.

(c)2005 Excerpt from Baby Modeling & Beyond: From The Stroller To The Red Carpet by Sibylla Nash




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  1. I am almost completely positive that I couldn’t parent a superstar! To me, the hard part would be knowing WHY you’re doing it – when my kids are older if they really want to try that stuff, then I’d be willing to look into it, but I wouldn’t want to push them into a career that they don’t like, especially when they could be enjoying childhood instead. I don’t know though – maybe those kids have tons of fun?
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