Review: The Practically Perfect Princess is Perfection

I hesitated to review Rebekah Grace, The Practically Perfect Princess. Don’t get me wrong—I believe a well crafted children’s book can be just as satisfying as a page turning novel. My concern was that I didn’t have a three or four-year-old girl to read it with. Just before I ventured to the neighbor’s to borrow a cup of their daughter’s time, my own 18-month-old daughter ran into the room.

But she doesn’t like to read, I thought, at least not yet. I knew she wouldn’t sit down. My precious reading time would be spent chasing her around the house. My daughter just wasn’t the right fit. She wasn’t…perfect.

Rebekah Grace, The Practically Perfect Princess introduces a doll-faced, high-spirited three- year-old girl who knows all the rules of being a princess. Carrying out the rules, like helping Queen Mommy, doesn’t always go well.

This book has all the pink and purple fit for a princess, but celebrates the imperfections shared by real life princesses and queen mommies everywhere. As authors, also sisters, Jennifer and Nicki point out, “Although ALL girls are Princesses and later in life may even turn into Queen Mommies that does not mean they have to be perfect.”

The story is one that you can read again and again. The illustrations playfully tell the story within the story. As I watched Rebekah Grace toddle around in her mother’s high heels, I couldn’t help but think back to my own princess days of rummaging through my mother’s closet.

Will Rebekah Grace ever get a handle on the princess rules? Will she be banished to the backyard–again? Will she learn to walk in Queen Mommy’s high heels? You’ll just have to read to find out.

If you’re wondering about the practically perfect princess at my house, she did sit down for most of the book. Not bad for an 18-month old. She pointed to Rebekah Grace and said, “Who that?” This question is usually reserved for my daughter’s pal Dora the Explorer, which I think means we’ll be reading the Rebekah Grace series for years to come.

Ready to buy your copy?

To find out more about Rebekah Grace and the queen mommies who created her, visit the Practically Perfect Princess website.

The authors provided a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

Do you have a practically perfect princess? Are you a practically perfect queen mommy?


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  1. I do have a practically perfect princess in my life. My fiancee, Beeb, really is just as nice and organized in her real life as her online persona suggests.

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