Why Cooking Makes Me Feel Like Super Mom

I am no domestic diva. I don’t sew, bake, make beds or the many other tasks common to Martha Stewart’s ilk. What I can do, certainly not often enough, is cook for my family.

I don’t think I’m being old fashion here. I certainly don’t do all the cooking, or the cleaning–a fact that my husband would shout from the rooftops if allowed. There is something about preparing a meal from scratch or semi-from scratch that makes me feel powerful.

Why does cooking make me feel like super mom?

Proof of work/life balance. If I can work all day, come home and still have the energy to prepare a meal for my family, I have accomplished something.

Food is not love, but it sure comes close. Who wants Chipotle chicken tacos for the hundredth time when they can eat mom’s gumbo or homemade burgers? Not only does home cooking usually taste better, when someone loves you it can be felt with every bite. I haven’t had my mom’s battered catfish in years, but the memory still tugs at my taste buds as well as my heartstrings.

Cooking is allegedly a lost art form for my generation. I say allegedly because it seems preposterous that women of my vintage have stopped cooking. Sure our attention and time may be stretched more than in decades past, but certainly we can still crock pot, microwave, or otherwise get something on the table.

This week I made salmon croquettes and broccoli-rice casserole. Not incredibly difficult but it has its tricky parts. The croquettes stayed together instead of crumbling in the pan. This might not sound like a big deal, but if you have ever forgotten to add the egg and tearfully watched your food disappear into the pan, you understand the beauty of everything sticking together. The casserole was perfectly creamy, and even though my 17-month old refused more than a spoonful, I know that she will soon realize the error of her ways.

What meal do you cook that makes you feel like super mom? Have moms really stopped cooking?

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Why Cooking Makes Me Feel Like Super Mom — 6 Comments

  1. I do personally feel that a good amount of moms and women in general dont cook anymore and to me that’s just sad. I’m a ftm and wahm and I cook every meal breakfast lunch and dinner, each day too. I manage to do this with my 2yr old and my big belly (Im 9 months preggers) Plus I have to keep the house clean and run my business. Its a hectic life but I know my boys and myself deserve a great home cooked meal. There is nothing ever frozen that is just thrown in the oven in my kitche, nope I make it all from scratch.
    I think all the dishes I learned from my grandma (now passed) make me feel like super mom. They are all long complex Mexican dishes and seeing my husband and sons face light up when they eat is so worth all the time that was put into that dish. To me cooking for my family is just another way of telling them that I love them. Im not saying that those that dont dont love their families but I was always raised to take care of my family and cooking was the number one this to always do for them. Its these lesson that I will pass to my sons as well as a love of cooking and food.

    •  @LynetteMilian
      Thanks Lynette. As you pointed out, cooking is also a way to pass on family heritage. My maternal grandmother always served cold pear halves with her beef enchiladas. Now I do the same even though my husband thinks it’s a weird combo. I can’t enjoy enchiladas without that sweetness. I wouldn’t be surprised if my kids keep the tradition going.

  2. I can’t speak for everyone but I’m certainly a mom who hasn’t stopped cooking!  I cook about 6 days a week and usually from scratch.  I might sound weird but I actually enjoy cooking and grocery shopping.  We do so many thing during our busy days that its these two activities that make me feel grounded and not rushed.  For me the feeling I get from shopping for and preparing my family meals is the same feeling I got from nursing my babies.  I know that in those actions I am doing the best I can to nurture and nourish their bodies and hopefully their spirits too.

  3. Cooking does not necessarily make me feel like a super mom, but, to be completely honest, has become an activity that I can do with my kids.  So, it basically kills two birds with one stone….it takes up at least an hour of time in which my kids are not trying to kill each other and tear down the house, and also produces a homemade meal that they can be proud of partaking in and completing.   Win win…..

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